Pallas Services

Pallas offers professional services for effective performance modeling, capacity planning and performance management of enterprise IT needs. Pallas uses myriad tools for load testing, monitoring, data analysis and reporting. These tools have their own monitoring agents, and we can also use most standard monitored data that can be imported using any standard interface like SNMP, XML, SOAP or ASCII. Pallas proven performance modeling tools are based on a set of proprietary capacity planning techniques using stochastic models, and operational identities to perform system sizing and performance envelope analysis. These modeling algorithms have been developed by leading experts over 15+ years of systems capacity planning and performance modeling work at leading IT companies, enterprise customers and research universities, and have field proven accuracy.

Pallas can complement your in-house tools and expertise with its cutting edge solutions, training and professional services. Pallas also offers end-to-end professional services to address your company wide performance testing, evaluation and capacity planning needs. We can develop a comprehensive strategy for your IT needs, and then help you in the planning and implementation of the required solutions consistent with your business strategy.