A companion mainframe data extractor. Together with model generating facilities of Lead Time, Xtract allows near-automatic building of a Lead Time model corresponding to the observed workload of a selected set of devices in the user’s system.

Currently, we support:

  • Standard RMF (z/OS) or compatible data
  • Cache RMF, device and dataset level information created by Computer Associates ASTEX™ system monitor
  • GTF trace data
  • CSIM from Amdahl Corporation
  • VM Monitor data (XA/ESA)

Based on user’s specifications, Xtract preprocesses monitor data for the selected devices, and produces a data set that contains the information necessary for Lead Time to build the corresponding model. After transfer to the Personal Computer, the data prepared by Xtract is used to build the model and to initialize quantities not directly provided by the system monitor. The net result is a greatly simplified model building and calibration process.

The JCL to run Xtract can be produced by our Windows-based utility Xtgen freeing you from the need to learn Xtract control language. Xtract can be run under MVS or VM.