Lead Time™ - Previous Version

The following files are available for download to our existing customers.

Files are self executing archive files, and they should be executed to unzip. When downloading Lead Time and Xtract as a single file, we suggest the following procedure. Download the file lt_full.exe to a temporary directory, e.g. c:\temp. To unzip the files, simply execute lt_full.exe. Depending on the Lead Time version, the installation may start automatically when you unzip the files. The installation program for Lead Time, called setup.exe, will request a password to proceed. If you don’t know the current password, contact Pallas International either by e-mail, phone or fax.


Download ItemFile - Size
Download ItemFile - Size
Xtract™ alonextract.exe - 136 KBDownload
Lead Time™ and Xtract™ (with sample files)lt_full.exe - 12.3 MBDownload