Lead Time™ - Trial Version

A trial version of Lead Time is available for download as a single file. This is a fully functional version of the package set up to expire after one (1) month.

The file is a self executing archive file that must be executed to unzip. We suggest that you follow the following procedure. Download the file lt_trial.exe to a temporary directory, e.g. c:\temp. To unzip the files, simply execute lt_trial.exe. Depending on the Lead Time version, the installation may start automatically when you unzip the files. The installation program for Lead Time, called setup.exe, should proceed without requesting a password.

By downloading this trial version of Lead Time you agree to use it solely for product evaluation purposes during the assigned trial period. Any other use, modifications or decompilation of the product are explicitly disallowed, and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

Before downloading, we request that you fill out the following form. The information provided will help us know better our prospective customers, and thus serve you better. Please note that some browsers do not handle correctly the form type used. If your browser opens a send mail dialog instead of submitting the form, we request that you do send us a message with the information in the form.

Download ItemFile - Size
Download ItemFile - Size
Lead Time™ and Xtract™ (trial version)lt_trial.exe - 8.1 MBDownload

Note: To enable download link, kindly fill out the form first.