LeaderTM (software used under license) is an accurate modeling module for capacity planning and performance management. PALLAS uses it as a “standalone” tool for its professional services practice. The following table summarizes some of the key features and benefits offered by LeaderTM virtualization modeling kernel.

Modeling ScopeCan model arbitrary complexes of CPUs and Disk Farms in any topologyAccurately represent customer specific IT infrastructure
System DetailsSpecific OS algorithms like memory management and data flows can be specifiedProvides flexibility to represent environments with heterogeneous OS, servers and applications
ResultsProvides projections for industry standard capacity planning and performance metrics for planning and “what if” scenario analysisSignificant $$ savings through optimal deployment configurations, scalability analysis and accurate performance tuning to meet business needs
Monitoring DataCan read data from most standard monitoring systems including text filesEasy to integrate with existing monitoring systems – No need to get “new” monitoring agents
System EnvironmentMainframe (z/OS)System specific accurate modeling capability